Monday, 17 August 2015

Level 683

25 Moves
1 Spider
70 Carrots
70 Onions
70 Suns
Once the spider webs the slime patches up in the middle,  you will be safe from any more grumpy crops. So start by trying to move him into the next nest. 
Once he is there, as both top slime squares are webbed, no more crops will fall into slime.
If the worst happens and the webs are broken, once he has moved to the lower webs, he will web again, and stop the slime fighting back.
While your spider is sat there, he is no more trouble, but if you move him earlier on, it gives you more space to gather crops later.
With the spider out of the way, you need to gather value on your crops, combinations, +5etc, and you will gather enough to pass the level.

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