Level 617

23 Moves
1 Spider
2 Flowers
86 Apples
4 Fireflies
The spider has 2 empty nests to hop into, we need to remove these before we can get to the fireflies. So to start with, move the spider by breaking the webs and opening the flowers at the same time.
If it helps, use a shovel, but we find its handy to save shovels on these levels, in case you  need to light a firefly with no spare moves. That way you can use shovels then.
Anyway, break webs, open flowers, then break more webs as you move the spiders, until you have a clear space to start lighting up the flies. 
Light them up and send them on your way, and you will hopefully find that by making clever matches while doing all the rest, you will have gathered all your apples.  


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