Friday, 21 August 2015

Level 1044

22 Moves 
120 Water drops
120 Carrots
5 White sheep
5 Black sheep

You do NOT need to collect all sheep unless they have changed it again ;)Although flowers are not a requirement, there are a lot of them on the board, and we have to open them in order to move the sheep. So start matching next to the flowers, try touching two of the flowers with each match if you can to save on moves. 
This can also be said of the sheep. Remember the rules of moving two or more sheep at once; all white sheep involved in a match will go to the hay and be collected. If the match touches a white and black sheep at the same time, the white will go first, then the black one, and then he eats the hay. So if a match moves more than one black sheep at a time, the first will go and eat the hay, while the second will sit on the spot where the hay used to be. So you'll need to move him again to another spot. So breaking this level down means that for 16 sheep, unless you can move more than one at a time, that's 16 out of your 22 moves needed, which leaves only 6 moves left. And you've already used some of those to remove flowers!
(Careful planning is needed to beat this one, so study your board, and have patience!)

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