Friday, 21 August 2015

Level 1043

Try to make matches vertically as well as horizontally as you need to move the grass in as few moves as you can. I seemed to get more sheep pop onto the board once I removed a few.


  1. I've tried this hundreds of times but failed, not fun at all. I hate it.

  2. I just can't do this, I've tried with 6 spades, and 2 extra moves, all failed. Not fun, I hate it. It's been a week now, crap crap crap! There are not enough moves for the sheep.

  3. My 1043 is 100 blue 100 red 12 green grass at bottom and 6 black sheep 3 on either side. Plus a mivibg line of logs in middle. All in 19 moves so nothing like what you describe above help

    1. They have changed a ton of levels, this was one. All updated now :)