Friday, 21 August 2015

Level 1041 **Rancid**

20 Moves
It's a Rancid level
For this one, we have to throw 520 apples, strawberries, suns and water drops at the rotten raccoon that's laughing at us.
We're lucky in that the only crops on the board are the ones we need, but we have four areas of slime on moving logs to contend with, and no seeds to make clean grass.
The top two slime squares sit in a closed area, waiting to drop their grumpies down when we make a match below them. The middle two squares do have an opening with two patches of green grass on them, so when the logs turn just so, we can make a potential match that gives us a higher value. In my opinion, working down the middle is the best plan I can see, but of course if you find a nice match, especially a combination one, it's best to take it.
Again, watch your remaining moves, and knock Rancid of his pedestal..

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