Friday, 21 August 2015

Level 1040

18 Moves (revised)
3 Sheep

3 Black Sheep
55 Strawberries
55 Suns

Six little sheep lined up in a row... and we need to get them home.
Start by working against the flowers, matching and removing them so you'll have room to bring the sheep up, reshuffling is a high possibility, but don't worry about it, as it's to your advantage. Move the sheep towards the top as soon as you can so that they'll be near the hay when a good match comes up. 

Falling crops will help grow the flowers for you, giving you a helping hand. Since the layout of this board is small and tight, combinations are easily found, and as we all know, these combinations add nice value to our crops. Use a shovel if need be to set up a match for a particularly stubborn sheep. Even though one sheep eats one bale of hay, if you can set up a match that involves 2 sheep, the one will dine and dash while the other will still move up. Once your sheep and flowers are collected, the board will be open for matches, but a small warning.. watch the amount of moves you have left.

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