Friday, 21 August 2015

Level 1037

17 Moves (altered)
75 Apples
75 Suns
75 Water drops
2 Sheep

Our board is a frozen field of iced crops!
There are only two crops and the sheep that are free, and the sheep are all the way at the bottom. So start by making the only match that you can and then go from there. Reshuffling will be normal if you haven't any matches to make, so a shovel may be necessary to help you get going. 

You'll have to work your way down the middle, that's where the hay is for the sheep, and then there's actually getting the sheep free to move towards the hay. But once the crops start cascading down, ice will be broken left and right, and your points will start to add up, and keep adding up! 
It's another fun level folks! :)

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