Friday, 21 August 2015

Level 1036

18 Moves (changed)
45 Oysters
150 Onions
150 Suns
150 Water drops

On the startup of your board, look closely for a possible +5 match, you'll most likely have one on the left or right side. It may take a shovel, but the outcome is very rewarding, as crops will continue to fall in a steady stream, making matches on their own that keeps increasing the value on your crops. 

Oysters will also continue to fall from the top, but remember that we only need 25 of them, so don't wast unnecessary moves on extra ones. We're lucky in that the only crops on the board are the ones we need, so that makes things even easier. 
Working from the bottom is to your advantage as the board is in an almost constant cascade. It takes very few shovels on this level, mainly the one to start off with, giving you a feeling of accomplishment at the end :)

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