Level 1035 **Farm Club**

17 Moves (revised)
55 Mushrooms
55 Onions
55 Water drops
12 Firecrackers

It's a Farm Club Level
Make lots of mushrooms, the baby ones are going to help you by coming together during a match, letting needed crops fall downward. The snowballs are annoying, but they really aren't a problem as almost every move dissipates them. 

You'll need to try for combinations to increase the value on the crops, and watch for matches that get you the most out of your points. The carrots may get in the way, but on the good side you can often get a +5 match out of them which helps even more on crop value.


  1. stuck fr more than a month, its impossible to finish, they changed it to 90 crops each, even the mushrooms, plz post the new one TY

    1. Thank you will see if we can make a new one, so keep watching out. They keep changing a LOT of them, so we never have time to keep up :(

    2. @Lilian Reijnen, try yours again, mine went up to 90 and now today they are back to 70, but it has 3 extra moves :)

  2. Even though it's at 55 it's impossible to get 55 mushrooms maybe it could be lowered to 40. I'm just saying.

    1. There is a good chance they will alter it again. They already have a few times.


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