Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Level 1033

(revised)19 Moves
60 Carrots
60 Water drops
50 Mushrooms
2 Dragons

Match next to the mushrooms as much as possible, we need to get a lot of babies going so that we can grow and collect the adult ones. Match up your eggs to crack them, and then line up 3 to make a dragon.
The crops will fall into place, and working from the bottom of the board brings down a constant supply of our needed ones. It seems the companions get in the way of this level, at least for me. There are always crops , one or the other that are in short supply,but sometimes when you try planning a move, crops being thrown at the board can mess up a perfectly good move. Increase the value on crops by trying for combinations.
And the use of a shovel can line up a nice match, or even crack an egg for you.

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