Monday, 17 August 2015

Level 1030

This level has two lots of tips and two different videos. Look at the tips depending on which level you have as they keep changing it back and forth.

Version ONE

25 Moves
100 Carrots
1 Black Sheep
2 Chicks

16 Flowers
They tweaked this level a lot.
Make matches right down the middle, and over and under the flowers to start opening them. Crops should start cascading down to help you. 
The chicken just happens to be laying on the hay we need for the sheep, so it has to be moved before we can bring over the sheep. 
Many combinations are possible on this level, and a +5 is especially nice, removing all crops of that type and pouring down new crops for us to match.
Be patient with the sheep as it is a bit tricky, but with planning you'll get it home.
Once the chicken is roaming about, there are so many matches that can be made next to them, so save your shovels for cracking and lining up the eggs.

25 Moves
2 Chicks
16 Flowers
75 Carrots
75 Apples
As above, keep making rows next to as many flowers as you can, above, under, around. 
Once you get to the chickens, keep moving them so they get in a flap and jump about all over laying eggs. 
Plan moves carefully and they will lay eggs while making a row of other eggs for you.
Use combinations, T and L shape too and keep replaying until you pass this :)

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