Monday, 17 August 2015

Level 1029

30 Moves (changed)
50 Apples
50 Carrots
50 Strawberries
50 Suns

At the start, you have a promising look at many suns and carrots, try matching these in the middle, else the grumpy ones on the sides will take away from your points.
There are 3 runs of moving logs with slime areas on them travelling around the board, which means that when they're at the top, any crop that falls down will be grumpy. We do have seeds to swap with water though, so use those to make as many grassy patches as you can. Match against the water barrels to make water drops jump out, and next to the seeds. If you can turn the slime logs into grass, all the better. Once you have grass growing, you'll be in a better position to collect crops. Study your board closely, find a match that benefits the most.
Use those shovels!! 


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