Monday, 17 August 2015

Level 1027

20 Moves
45 Onions
12 Oysters
45 Carrots
45 Suns

This one may come down to just getting a good board. Unfortunately none of the companions seemed to work for me, but hopefully you'll fare better.
If you can get a small opening in the middle of the oysters on the bottom of the board, your chances of beating the level will increase greatly, and a few shovels thrown in sure can't hurt.
And if you're lucky you might even get a reshuffle.. don't find that often do we? It's odd but true, as it scatters the oysters across the board, giving you easier access, and both happy and grumpy crops will work the same on them. If within a few moves you see that there's no hope of winning, hit the quit button and by chance you might actually get a better board.
It's a hard and tedious level, but stay with it, and much luck sent your way!! :)


  1. This is it. This is the level that has finally made me quit Farm Heroes. Well done King Games for turning something that was a fun distraction into a tedious, hopeless test of stubbornness, patience and endurance. Good bye.

    1. Can you email King and tell them? The reason I ask is I agree with all you say!! Its getting far too hard and then they change levels and make them harder and its become a full time job trying to keep up with all their stupid changes.

    2. Done! This is what I said ;-)
      I have idled away many a pleasant hour playing Farm Heroes and Bubble Witch. In truth, my house is a mess, my garden unkempt, my dogs neglected, my family unfed...
      But I have waited out the hard levels, patiently trying again and again, building up and then using up my boosters, knowing that eventually the targets might be lowered and I would SUCCEED. Recently I struggled through a couple of tough ones - I was stuck for several weeks on FH level 1013, but OH the sense of achievement when I got through.
      So thank you King games, for Farm Heroes Level 1027. This is the one. The one that finally made me quit. Thank you for turning what was a fun distraction into a tedious, hopeless test of stubbornness, patience and endurance.
      The world awaits me.
      Au revoir.

    3. Martine, I think you said it very well!! That is exactly how it is here as well but worse because when we finally get through one, they change it so we have to remake and reblog. Its a nightmare :( Hopefully you will come back to it at some point and find it has changed :)

    4. I never give up but this level is hopeless, used ever thing on it and still can't beat it will keep on coming back to it gotta beat it

    5. I will never give up, yes it's very hard but in someway like all the others that I found hopeless I will beat you