Monday, 17 August 2015

Level 1026 **Rancid**

19 Moves
It's a Rancid level

To defeat Rancid this time, we have to throw apples, carrots, strawberries and water drops at him.
But there are an awful lot of slimy areas on the board, but on the flip side there are also grass seeds, so match as many of those as you can with the water drops to make grass, and also clean up the slimed areas. 
Swapping the seeds at the top is ideal if you can, so that when the crops hit, they won't fall and become grumpy.
Once you get going, match up a few of the slimed crops from the bottom, it won't get you any points, but it allows some of the seeds to fall, and then you can match these up to water and have a board with lots of grass and quite a few chances at multiple combinations. These combinations in turn increase the value of our needed crops, and that's a move that makes Rancid very unhappy!!

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