Saturday, 15 August 2015

Level 1025

18 Moves
55 Carrots
55 Strawberries
4 Chicks
12 Firecrackers

The firecrackers are definitely the key to winning this level. Not only are the sparks going to crack eggs for us, but collect crops and prompt the chickens into laying more eggs.
So match next to the firecrackers every chance you get, preferably by using the carrots and strawberries that we need.
If you wish, you can actually get a head start on an egg match by using a shovel on the bottom of the board, where the eggs are sitting on the moving logs. Notice that on both sides there are already two cracked eggs lined up and waiting. Or you can go the other route and let the firecrackers do the work for you. 

You'll have opportunities for +5 combinations, L and T types also, on the top of the board, so try planning your moves (If the chickens will let you).
It isn't as hard a level as it first looks, you just need concentration, and of course a good board is always nice too :)


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