Saturday, 15 August 2015

Level 1024

22 Moves
35 Apples
35 Carrots
2 Chicks
2 Dragons

**Note** the video uses less moves but we left it as nothing else has changed, so you have more moves to use :)

It's a very "Eggravating" Level... We may only need two each of the chicks and dragons, but they're all mixed together and it can be confusing.
Look your board over closely, find a move that will work best, while trying to get your crops to match up too. The suns and water can get in the way, but if you can get a +5 move it can come out to your advantage, letting the board clear of the unwanted crops, and making way for the ones that are needed. 

Keep a shovel handy towards the end in case you need it to grab up a crop with a high value, or need it to make an egg match.
It may take several goes at this level, but patience will win out in the end!

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