Saturday, 15 August 2015

Level 1022

20 Moves (king added moves)
70 Carrots
70 Apples
70 Strawberries
4 Flowers

Match next to the water barrels to get the water jumping. When you get one to the bottom, swap it with a seed to make a flower, then do the same for the other three.
Take into account that it's going to take four moves just to swap seeds with water drops, that only leaves 11 moves. So make make the best of them buy matching next to the barrels in a way that each match touches at least two barrels at a time to save on moves.
You'll collect your needed crops as you go, and any combination will help greatly in increasing the value on crops. 

The use of shovels as always, can aid in growing a flower, smacking a water barrel, or setting up a good match.

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