Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Level 1021

Two versions of this video as the pc version lost the mushrooms that the app version still has. So for now, watch whichever version fits your board :)

20 Moves
2 Fireflies
90 Suns
90 Strawberries
90 Apples

Water barrels that move on logs, trapped by iced crops, and we need those water drops to match and break the ones surrounding the fireflies. 

If you have the breaker companion, collecting 20 strawberries has him throwing magic to help break anything encased in ice. The fireflies can be a bit tricky though, so plan your moves. And remember that a shovel can truly be a helpful friend. If all else fails and water doesn't go where you need it, give up and use a shovel to break one of the iced drops to get it out of the way, meaning you can match other crops up.

And the one with the mushrooms


  1. I have noticed that the iPad version still has the mushrooms - nothing like making it confusing!

    1. Gah! They do that a lot. So one of them will be right...will upload both. Its getting to be a common event. Thanks for letting me know!