Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Level 1020 **Farm Club**

20 Moves
250 Suns
75 Strawberries
75 Water drops
75 Mushrooms

Before making even the first move, look closely for a +5 match as I've seen several on my many tries. It not only takes away all the crops of that kind, but lets more crops that we need to cascade down. We have patches of grass which is good, because the value on crops there is always higher. 

Make sure to match next to the mushrooms, as we need many babies to grow into adults. The more combinations you find and make, the more value, and it also lets all those suns come tumbling down, sometimes giving us a helping hand by making matches of their own. It's very possible to make a match and have the baby mushrooms grow into adults in groups of 5, removing all of them from the board.
Have patience with this level and you will pass it :)

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