Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Level 1019

28 Moves
60 Apples
60 Carrots
4 Flowers
25 Firecrackers

There are barrels of water on moving logs that we need to match next to in order to make water.
The iced seeds at the bottom of the board need to be broken by the firecrackers, so match next to them also, to set the sparks flying, and hopefully they'll hit the barrels too. Then we have to swap the seeds with water drops to make flowers, four to be exact. Such a busy, busy board.
Collect your crops as you go, looking for matches of increased value. Try working from the bottom as it keeps crops, and firecrackers falling down. If a seed falls from the top, look to see if you really need it, if not, be careful that you don't waste moves on it to make an unnecessary flower.
The more water you make, the higher chance you have at possibly making a +5 match, clearing the board and setting off more of the needed firecrackers.

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