Thursday, 6 August 2015

Level 1018

20 Moves
1 Sheep
80 Carrots
80 Onions
80 Strawberries

Well if you're here, it means you've obviously made it past the previous devil level in one piece!!
So breathe easier now, cause this one is much less stressful :)
We only have the single sheep on the board, with 3 iced water drops around it. You have several options for breaking the ice, you can use the breaker companion, or match next to the barrels on the bottom right, hoping the water drops jump up to where you need them, or the last, which is what I did, simply use a shovel to break open the middle iced crop. Other than the 3 water drops, there isn't really any other use for the Breaker companion.
Start making your matches near the sheep to get him closer to the hay, getting your crop count as you go, then make the match that lands him on the hay. 

We've a few moving logs here too, but they don't pose any problems. 
Having an open board offers many opportunities for matches, and also combinations to increase the value on our crops. 
If you make matches next to the barrels, you also have the chance to flood the board with water, causing fresh crops to cascade down. 
Watch for single crops with a high value on them, and pick them off with a shovel.

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