Thursday, 6 August 2015

Level 1017

12 Moves (revised and revised yet again; King took more moves away)
18 Oysters
250 Apples
250 Carrots
250 Water drops

The snowballs are back, and they're determined to make this one very challenging for us.
We have to collect 18 oysters, but they're situated right below the snowball fortress. So start making matches wherever you can against the snowballs to open them up for potential matches. This lets the crops fall through, and make matches next to the oysters.
Hence, this is where the hitter companion comes in handy if you use it, when you collect 20 apples, the hitter companion smacks 2 of the oysters for you. Keep matching, and as the oysters dwindle down, crops will stay on the bottom to help you match below the snowballs.
The +5 match is what helps the most, as it removes all crops of that kind, and then causes the cascade effect, prompting more and more matches that will let you get all your required points on your crops.
Shovels are a great help for setting up a good move, and if possible, save a couple for the end in case you only need a couple of crops with a high value.
Only needed crops fall though, so it is possible to do without any companions. You just need to have plenty of cascading crops.

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