Level 1015

25 Moves (revised)
4 Poppies
150 Onions
150 Strawberries
2 Spiders

It can be a tricky level, but only because of the sheep. They can get you stuck if you aren't careful. Try moving the bulls up, bumping into the poppies, then continue to take them up. Don't worry about the spiders just yet as you can get them later, and chances are that falling crops will actually collect them for you. 

The idea is to NOT get the bulls stuck on the bottom, and if you remove the iced crops too soon, then take a bull, or both, left or right, without the iced crops to stop them you can only go up, and then you're stuck right under a ledge. So as you have your bulls now at the top, move them either left or right, then make a match to bring them back down on the two poppies remaining there. After you have your poppies, you can start working on the iced crops, and once they're melted, crops will continue to fall as you match. Matches of +5 are surprisingly easy enough to get, and then as that takes out all crops of that kind, more +5 matches seem to just fall into place, collecting your crops nicely. Personally I found it a very fun level :)


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