Level 1014

19 Moves (revised)
10 Flowers
135 Apples
4 Black Sheep
135 Carrots

Another challenging level, but with a little patience and studying of the board, you'll find it's not as hard as it first looks. The logs keep moving, but it gives you more options to make matches too.
Work on opening the flowers first of all, once you get an opening in them, you can then start to bring the sheep out, and if you don't at first find a spot of hay for them to get to, just match crops that you need and let the logs move a cycle.
Soon more crops will fall and you'll get the sheep to the hay. Do the same for the other remaining flowers and sheep, collecting your crops as you go.
Keep an eye out for those combinations, use a shovel if need be to help open a flower or set up a good match. But remember that unlike the white sheep, once a black sheep munches on a square of hay, it's gone for good.


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