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Level 115

28 Moves (changed again) 2 Dragons 30 Onions 30 Carrots 30 Strawberries I do wish they would leave levels alone.  Concentrate on the dragons primarily, but when you see matches of carrots and onions that can be made, especially if they have extra points on, then go get those. Open as many eggs as you can, no matter where, as you will get more falling and should soon have the chance to make your dragons. Combinations and any possible rows of 5 crops always help add points on to the crops. The more points, the less crops needed.

Level 114

18 Moves 2 Alligators 40 Carrots 40 Onions The hardest part of this level is actually the dragons. You need to clean the eggs, then crack them before you can make the dragons. If you make as many drop rows on the grass, it cancels grumpiness and adds points, so you shouldn't need too many moves to gather them. Use shovels to drop crops out of the way to save moves, or to even crack an egg. Cascade crops, eggs will be included in that, so you will get more fall.

Level 113

28 Moves (level changed) 52 Water drops 62 Onions 62 Apples Again with this level, we have grumpies and grass. Make as many rows as you can on the grass to help with points and remove their sour faces! But you also need to make water, so some of the matches will have to be next to the water buckets. Luckily you don't need too much water though, so you can concentrate on the apples and onions. The bigger the row, or the L or T shaped combinations, the more points. And if you can get a few rows fall after the first row you make, with clever planning, that will build up the points too.

Level 112

30 Moves 3 Alligators 8 Flowers 30 Suns 30 Water drops This level isn't as complicated as it looks, it just might need a few attempts. Sometimes working from the bottom is better as it encourages new crops to fall, which will in turn, open flowers for you. Try and make as many rows as you can next to as many flowers as you can as this will save you moves. Concentrate on the opening eggs and flowers to begin with, if you can combine that, then it gives you more moves for picking crops. Always match up rows with extra points on first because as soon as you make another move elsewhere, the extra points you just built up, will vanish.

Level 111 **Rancid**

20 Moves 250 Onions, Carrots and Apples To get 3 stars on Rancid levels, you need to complete the requirements and get to 0 with moves left. I always try to have at least 5 moves left then you are more likely to get 3 stars. If that is what you want. It should be easy enough to collect one star anyway. There are grumpy crops here, so not only do you want to make as many rows on the grass as you can for extra points, but also to cancel out the grumpy crops. Be careful when making rows that you don't line up a row with extra points on and then miss the grumpy at the end.

Level 110

30 Moves 6 Flowers 90 Strawberries Look out for possible 5 crop matches. Make as many rows as you can next to your flowers, but you only need strawberries. If you can make as many strawberries rows as you can on the grass, you will automatically gain extra points, meaning you have to collect less. Grumpy crops are a pain, but they do have one advantage. they can also open the flowers, so don't worry too much if your carefully planned rows turn sad, as long as they open flowers. Shovels can also help open flowers, or removing crops that prevent you making a better row.

Level 109

Concentrate on opening as many eggs as you can to have the cracked eggs made ready to grow dragons. Try to ignore any other crops where possible, except for the water drops. If you see any potential matches of water drops that have points on, always get them first.

Level 1045

No moves to spare in this one. Move the spiders down then quickly break the grass to free them out the webs.

Level 1044

22 Moves  Requirements: 120 Water drops 120 Carrots 5 White sheep 5 Black sheep You do NOT need to collect all sheep unless they have changed it again ;) Although flowers are not a requirement, there are a lot of them on the board, and we have to open them in order to move the sheep. So start matching next to the flowers, try touching two of the flowers with each match if you can to save on moves.  This can also be said of the sheep. Remember the rules of moving two or more sheep at once; all white sheep involved in a match will go to the hay and be collected. If the match touches a white and black sheep at the same time, the white will go first, then the black one, and then he eats the hay. So if a match moves more than one black sheep at a time, the first will go and eat the hay, while the second will sit on the spot where the hay used to be. So you'll need to move him again to another spot. So breaking this level down means that for 16 sheep, unless you can move more than on

Level 1043

Try to make matches vertically as well as horizontally as you need to move the grass in as few moves as you can. I seemed to get more sheep pop onto the board once I removed a few.

Level 1042

16 Moves 1 Spider 75 Water drops 75 Carrots 75 Apples Only one spider, but an awful lot of webs, and when you remove him from his first home, he has another waiting to jump into. There are several water barrels to make water, so make matches next to them to have water jump out, and hopefully land at the bottom and break a water drop there. The sooner you break the webs and collect the spider, the more of an open board you'll have for crop matches and combinations. Working from the bottom at this point will cause the cascade effect, dropping more crops and ideally matching next to the barrels so that you can acquire your water requirement.

Level 1041 **Rancid**

20 Moves It's a Rancid level For this one, we have to throw 520 apples, strawberries, suns and water drops at the rotten raccoon that's laughing at us. We're lucky in that the only crops on the board are the ones we need, but we have four areas of slime on moving logs to contend with, and no seeds to make clean grass. The top two slime squares sit in a closed area, waiting to drop their grumpies down when we make a match below them. The middle two squares do have an opening with two patches of green grass on them, so when the logs turn just so, we can make a potential match that gives us a higher value. In my opinion, working down the middle is the best plan I can see, but of course if you find a nice match, especially a combination one, it's best to take it. Again, watch your remaining moves, and knock Rancid of his pedestal..

Level 1040

Open the flowers and move the grass with clever matches. Remember the firecrackers though, so try and make crops cascade.

Level 1039

22 Moves 4 Sheep 55 Apples  55 Carrots 55 Water drops Three of the sheep can be lured out of their spots easily enough, but the one on the bottom left is a bit harder to coax out. Try watching for the type of crop directly above his head and work on getting the same type to fall and match that way.  While herding the sheep to the hay, watch for combinations, if you can get a +5, then all the better, removing all that type and bringing down more crops. Try and increase the value on your crops. Use a shovel to set up a good match, or nab a crop with a high point value on it. Don't be discouraged if it takes more than a few attempts at this level. It's a challenging one.

Level 1038

Moving the grass will uncover the sheep.

Level 1037

17 Moves (altered) 75 Apples 75 Suns 75 Water drops 2 Sheep Our board is a frozen field of iced crops! There are only two crops and the sheep that are free, and the sheep are all the way at the bottom. So start by making the only match that you can and then go from there. Reshuffling will be normal if you haven't any matches to make, so a shovel may be necessary to help you get going.  You'll have to work your way down the middle, that's where the hay is for the sheep, and then there's actually getting the sheep free to move towards the hay. But once the crops start cascading down, ice will be broken left and right, and your points will start to add up, and keep adding up!  It's another fun level folks! :)

Level 1036

18 Moves (changed) 45 Oysters 150 Onions 150 Suns 150 Water drops On the startup of your board, look closely for a possible +5 match, you'll most likely have one on the left or right side. It may take a shovel, but the outcome is very rewarding, as crops will continue to fall in a steady stream, making matches on their own that keeps increasing the value on your crops.  Oysters will also continue to fall from the top, but remember that we only need 25 of them, so don't wast unnecessary moves on extra ones. We're lucky in that the only crops on the board are the ones we need, so that makes things even easier.  Working from the bottom is to your advantage as the board is in an almost constant cascade. It takes very few shovels on this level, mainly the one to start off with, giving you a feeling of accomplishment at the end :)

Level 1035 **Farm Club**

17 Moves (revised) 55 Mushrooms 55 Onions 55 Water drops 12 Firecrackers It's a Farm Club Level Make lots of mushrooms, the baby ones are going to help you by coming together during a match, letting needed crops fall downward. The snowballs are annoying, but they really aren't a problem as almost every move dissipates them.  You'll need to try for combinations to increase the value on the crops, and watch for matches that get you the most out of your points. The carrots may get in the way, but on the good side you can often get a +5 match out of them which helps even more on crop value.

Level 1034

Hit as many blocks of grass as you can in each match.

Level 1033

(revised)19 Moves 60 Carrots 60 Water drops 50 Mushrooms 2 Dragons Match next to the mushrooms as much as possible, we need to get a lot of babies going so that we can grow and collect the adult ones. Match up your eggs to crack them, and then line up 3 to make a dragon. The crops will fall into place, and working from the bottom of the board brings down a constant supply of our needed ones. It seems the companions get in the way of this level, at least for me. There are always crops , one or the other that are in short supply,but sometimes when you try planning a move, crops being thrown at the board can mess up a perfectly good move. Increase the value on crops by trying for combinations. And the use of a shovel can line up a nice match, or even crack an egg for you.

Level 1032

Changed level

Level 1031

18 Moves Requirements: 4 White sheep 12 Black sheep 190 Strawberries 190 Apples When we see so many sheep taking over the board, we almost panic. But this was actually a fun level :) It's not too hard to get the sheep to the hay. They've given us plenty of hay patches, so moving the sheep, whether the black or white seems only a move or two away. After you've cleared the sheep, you're board is totally open, leaving you with multiple combinations, and the +5 ones aren't too hard to find.  Using a shovel can help set up a great match, so look around, see what's possible, and then let the crops cascade down. You'll have your required crops in no time.

Level 683

25 Moves Requirements: 1 Spider 70 Carrots 70 Onions 70 Suns Once the spider webs the slime patches up in the middle,  you will be safe from any more grumpy crops. So start by trying to move him into the next nest.  Once he is there, as both top slime squares are webbed, no more crops will fall into slime. If the worst happens and the webs are broken, once he has moved to the lower webs, he will web again, and stop the slime fighting back. While your spider is sat there, he is no more trouble, but if you move him earlier on, it gives you more space to gather crops later. With the spider out of the way, you need to gather value on your crops, combinations, +5etc, and you will gather enough to pass the level.

Level 682

20 Moves Requirements: 20 Strawberries 20 Apples 20 Carrots 20 Suns This level is hard as its a level that is full of grumpies to start with.  Make water leap out, and set a grass seed by swapping it with a healthy water drop, to make grass. Then make your rows of crops on that grass.  We only need 20 of each crop, so a couple of well placed grass patches near each other are better.  It gives you more space to clear the sadness if you have them near each other as the rows won't (hopefully) spill onto the grumpy crops.

Level 681

30 Moves Requirements: 6 Flowers 100 Water drops 11 Oysters 13 Dragons And another harder level. They are keeping us on our toes this time. You need to make as much water as you can. Flood the board with it. Make your flowers as soon as you see an opening, but be careful to leave at least one full row around them. Why? Because the area the flowers fall in, is so small, there isn't a lot of room around them. But if you flood the board with water drops, then they will make rows all by themselves for you :) Make the longest possible rows you can near your oysters so that you open more in less moves, which will give you more moves for other parts.

Level 1030

This level has two lots of tips and two different videos. Look at the tips depending on which level you have as they keep changing it back and forth. Version ONE 25 Moves 100 Carrots 1 Black Sheep 2 Chicks 16 Flowers They tweaked this level a lot. Make matches right down the middle, and over and under the flowers to start opening them. Crops should start cascading down to help you.  The chicken just happens to be laying on the hay we need for the sheep, so it has to be moved before we can bring over the sheep.  Many combinations are possible on this level, and a +5 is especially nice, removing all crops of that type and pouring down new crops for us to match. Be patient with the sheep as it is a bit tricky, but with planning you'll get it home. Once the chicken is roaming about, there are so many matches that can be made next to them, so save your shovels for cracking and lining up the eggs. VERSION TWO 25 Moves 2 Chicks 16 Flowers 75 Carrots 75 Appl

Level 1029

30 Moves (changed) Requirements: 50 Apples 50 Carrots 50 Strawberries 50 Suns At the start, you have a promising look at many suns and carrots, try matching these in the middle, else the grumpy ones on the sides will take away from your points. There are 3 runs of moving logs with slime areas on them travelling around the board, which means that when they're at the top, any crop that falls down will be grumpy. We do have seeds to swap with water though, so use those to make as many grassy patches as you can. Match against the water barrels to make water drops jump out, and next to the seeds. If you can turn the slime logs into grass, all the better. Once you have grass growing, you'll be in a better position to collect crops. Study your board closely, find a match that benefits the most. Use those shovels!!  VIDEO COMING

Level 1028

25 Moves Requirements: 3 Flowers 3 Fireflies 90 Carrots 150 Water drops T his level has changed again!! You'll need to match next to the fireflies first of all, and get them to all fly away before any of the flower seeds will fall so get them lit as soon as you can and then if need be, use a shovel or two to finish them off. Once the seeds begin to fall, swap them with water drops, make your flowers and then grow those. You'll notice that only by moving crops directly below the seeds will let them fall. As you're trying to do all this, keep an eye open for matches next to the water barrels as we need lots of water. Look for combinations, especially the +5 kind. NEW VIDEO!!

Level 685

20 Moves 4 spiders 70 Apples 70 Strawberries 70 Water drops Break the webs surrounding the spiders to move them into the four empty nests. Then its just a case of making the most efficient moves, to make rows that break webs and match up the crops you need.  Cascading crops will get you extra points so plan moves carefully. I found using shovels to break webs in order to make good matches worked nicely as well. It saves moves leaving them for the crops.

Level 684

20 Moves Requirements: 6 Flowers 1 Sheep 65 Onions 65 Strawberries Make rows in between the flowers for best results. Move your sheep whichever way you find easier, depending on how the crops are set out. Although the hay is in a funny place, it shouldn't be too hard to reach.  If you can't make any good rows, try making a row at the bottom of the screen, to encourage crops to fall and change around a littl e. This also can lead to other crops falling and making rows for you. As usual see if you can get rows of 5 crops to clear all that type for you in one move.

Level 680 **Rancid**

20 Moves Requirements to throw at Rancid, 270 apples, Strawberries and water drops. Try and ignore the none needed crops and if you can avoid setting off the frogs, even better. You don't need to make rows on the grass, if you get enough falling points elsewhere. Gather the higher value crops first.  Use shovels if needed to make better matches. Crops next to water buckets will make water jump out and swallow the un-needed crops too.

Level 1027

20 Moves Requirements: 45 Onions 12 Oysters 45 Carrots 45 Suns This one may come down to just getting a good board. Unfortunately none of the companions seemed to work for me, but hopefully you'll fare better. If you can get a small opening in the middle of the oysters on the bottom of the board, your chances of beating the level will increase greatly, and a few shovels thrown in sure can't hurt. And if you're lucky you might even get a reshuffle.. don't find that often do we? It's odd but true, as it scatters the oysters across the board, giving you easier access, and both happy and grumpy crops will work the same on them. If within a few moves you see that there's no hope of winning, hit the quit button and by chance you might actually get a better board. It's a hard and tedious level, but stay with it, and much luck sent your way!! :)

Level 1026 **Rancid**

19 Moves It's a Rancid level To defeat Rancid this time, we have to throw apples, carrots, strawberries and water drops at him. But there are an awful lot of slimy areas on the board, but on the flip side there are also grass seeds, so match as many of those as you can with the water drops to make grass, and also clean up the slimed areas.  Swapping the seeds at the top is ideal if you can, so that when the crops hit, they won't fall and become grumpy. Once you get going, match up a few of the slimed crops from the bottom, it won't get you any points, but it allows some of the seeds to fall, and then you can match these up to water and have a board with lots of grass and quite a few chances at multiple combinations. These combinations in turn increase the value of our needed crops, and that's a move that makes Rancid very unhappy!!

Level 1025

18 Moves Requirements: 55 Carrots 55 Strawberries 4 Chicks 12 Firecrackers The firecrackers are definitely the key to winning this level. Not only are the sparks going to crack eggs for us, but collect crops and prompt the chickens into laying more eggs. So match next to the firecrackers every chance you get, preferably by using the carrots and strawberries that we need. If you wish, you can actually get a head start on an egg match by using a shovel on the bottom of the board, where the eggs are sitting on the moving logs. Notice that on both sides there are already two cracked eggs lined up and waiting. Or you can go the other route and let the firecrackers do the work for you.  You'll have opportunities for +5 combinations, L and T types also, on the top of the board, so try planning your moves (If the chickens will let you). It isn't as hard a level as it first looks, you just need concentration, and of course a good board is always nice too :) VIDEO COMING

Level 1024

22 Moves Requirements: 35 Apples 35 Carrots 2 Chicks 2 Dragons **Note** the video uses less moves but we left it as nothing else has changed, so you have more moves to use :) It's a very "Eggravating" Level... We may only need two each of the chicks and dragons, but they're all mixed together and it can be confusing. Look your board over closely, find a move that will work best, while trying to get your crops to match up too. The suns and water can get in the way, but if you can get a +5 move it can come out to your advantage, letting the board clear of the unwanted crops, and making way for the ones that are needed.  Keep a shovel handy towards the end in case you need it to grab up a crop with a high value, or need it to make an egg match. It may take several goes at this level, but patience will win out in the end!

Level 1023

22 Moves Requirements: 1 Spider 8 Flowers 100 Apples 100 Water drops The spider on the bottom right corner has to be set free from the webs, but then has three other webs to jump to. So match against the webs to break them, and as he jumps to another hidey hole, follow him and do the same with the others there. Working at the bottom of the board helps you in that it lets crops fall through the flowers, opening them as matches are made.  Once the flowers are all collected, the board opens up and gives good possibilities for combinations, the +5 is especially nice, clearing the board of all that kind and letting cascading crops fall, making other combinations available and increasing the value on your crops.

Level 1022

20 Moves (king added moves) Requirements: 70 Carrots 70 Apples 70 Strawberries 4 Flowers Match next to the water barrels to get the water jumping. When you get one to the bottom, swap it with a seed to make a flower, then do the same for the other three. Take into account that it's going to take four moves just to swap seeds with water drops, that only leaves 11 moves. So make make the best of them buy matching next to the barrels in a way that each match touches at least two barrels at a time to save on moves. You'll collect your needed crops as you go, and any combination will help greatly in increasing the value on crops.  The use of shovels as always, can aid in growing a flower, smacking a water barrel, or setting up a good match.

Level 1021

Two versions of this video as the pc version lost the mushrooms that the app version still has. So for now, watch whichever version fits your board :) 20 Moves Requirements: 2 Fireflies 90 Suns 90 Strawberries 90 Apples Water barrels that move on logs, trapped by iced crops, and we need those water drops to match and break the ones surrounding the fireflies.  If you have the breaker companion, collecting 20 strawberries has him throwing magic to help break anything encased in ice. The fireflies can be a bit tricky though, so plan your moves. And remember that a shovel can truly be a helpful friend. If all else fails and water doesn't go where you need it, give up and use a shovel to break one of the iced drops to get it out of the way, meaning you can match other crops up. And the one with the mushrooms

Level 1020 **Farm Club**

20 Moves Requirements: 250 Suns 75 Strawberries 75 Water drops 75 Mushrooms Before making even the first move, look closely for a +5 match as I've seen several on my many tries. It not only takes away all the crops of that kind, but lets more crops that we need to cascade down. We have patches of grass which is good, because the value on crops there is always higher.  Make sure to match next to the mushrooms, as we need many babies to grow into adults. The more combinations you find and make, the more value, and it also lets all those suns come tumbling down, sometimes giving us a helping hand by making matches of their own. It's very possible to make a match and have the baby mushrooms grow into adults in groups of 5, removing all of them from the board. Have patience with this level and you will pass it :)

Level 1019

28 Moves Requirements: 60 Apples 60 Carrots 4 Flowers 25 Firecrackers There are barrels of water on moving logs that we need to match next to in order to make water. The iced seeds at the bottom of the board need to be broken by the firecrackers, so match next to them also, to set the sparks flying, and hopefully they'll hit the barrels too. Then we have to swap the seeds with water drops to make flowers, four to be exact. Such a busy, busy board. Collect your crops as you go, looking for matches of increased value. Try working from the bottom as it keeps crops, and firecrackers falling down. If a seed falls from the top, look to see if you really need it, if not, be careful that you don't waste moves on it to make an unnecessary flower. The more water you make, the higher chance you have at possibly making a +5 match, clearing the board and setting off more of the needed firecrackers.

Level 1018

20 Moves Requirements: 1 Sheep 80 Carrots 80 Onions 80 Strawberries Well if you're here, it means you've obviously made it past the previous devil level in one piece!! So breathe easier now, cause this one is much less stressful :) We only have the single sheep on the board, with 3 iced water drops around it. You have several options for breaking the ice, you can use the breaker companion, or match next to the barrels on the bottom right, hoping the water drops jump up to where you need them, or the last, which is what I did, simply use a shovel to break open the middle iced crop. Other than the 3 water drops, there isn't really any other use for the Breaker companion. Start making your matches near the sheep to get him closer to the hay, getting your crop count as you go, then make the match that lands him on the hay.  We've a few moving logs here too, but they don't pose any problems.  Having an open board offers many opportunities for matches, and also combinat

Level 1017

12 Moves (revised and revised yet again; King took more moves away) Requirements: 18 Oysters 250 Apples 250 Carrots 250 Water drops The snowballs are back, and they're determined to make this one very challenging for us. We have to collect 18 oysters, but they're situated right below the snowball fortress. So start making matches wherever you can against the snowballs to open them up for potential matches. This lets the crops fall through, and make matches next to the oysters. Hence, this is where the hitter companion comes in handy if you use it, when you collect 20 apples, the hitter companion smacks 2 of the oysters for you. Keep matching, and as the oysters dwindle down, crops will stay on the bottom to help you match below the snowballs. The +5 match is what helps the most, as it removes all crops of that kind, and then causes the cascade effect, prompting more and more matches that will let you get all your required points on your crops. Shovels are a great help for setti

Level 1016

22 Moves (changed) Requirements: 2 Sheep 30 Mushrooms 8 Flowers 70 Apples Work on making matches that bring the sheep down towards the hay. Keep in mind that you need a lot of apples, so while moving the sheep and opening the flowers, collect as many apple matches as you can. Matching next to the mushrooms is important too as you'll need to make baby ones, then as you make any match, those babies grow into adults to then be collected. The Badger companion is a great help if you have it (earned on farm club level 1005). Watch for combinations, especially those of +5 to increase the value on your apples.

Level 625

17 Moves Requirements: 16 Flowers 300 Apples 300 Strawberries 300 Suns What a fun level!  The snowballs are a pain to begin with, but again we only have the needed crops falling.  I love levels like that!  Once you get some of the flowers cleared and the crops have more space to roam, you will find that they cascade all by themselves and keep falling and falling, even on the snow patches, so that the snow doesn't get chance to regroup itself quick enough each time. This means more points, which means less crops to gather. And on top of that, they often open all the remaining flowers, so that you don't need to do much :)

Level 624

17 Moves Requirements: 1 Spider 125 Onions 125 Strawberries Another spider level, lots of webbed crops hiding grass and several empty nests.  Carefully look at the board to see the best place to start breaking the web as you only have a small space to start. Encourage the spider to vacate his home, with a nice kick up its rear end. Until it gets the point and flee's the board completely.  As you go along, break the webs, hopefully mainly on the grass so that when crops fall, they are getting added points.  You need combinations and +5 again, which really goes without saying now, but its one of the more fun challenging levels.

Level 623

25 Moves (revised) Requirements: 4 Flowers 190 Apples 190 Strawberries 190 Water drops Two easy things on this level you know without doubt. Grass is under the ice, and you have to make your own flowers. How you get there is up to you.  You could try for the perfect board and break the iced crops using matches, or you could just look for the best places and break the ice with shovels.   Make your rows on the grass once the ice has gone, and seeing as you only have suns falling, plus your needed crops, there are no unwanted crops getting in the way of cascading crops.

Level 622

15 Moves Requirements: 12 Flowers 35 Carrots 35 Water drops 35 Strawberries This is a really busy board due to the layout, its hard to get a clear path to your goal. Concentrate on opening the flowers, and try to ignore the rabbit again, but when you see possible matches of carrots with higher points on, take advantage and get them.  The other crops are not so bad to get, although you will need cascading crops to get any decent points.

Level 621

17 Moves Requirements: 4 Fireflies 8 Flowers 80 Carrots 80 Strawberries Longer rows, combinations and rows of 5 crops are needed again. Start with opening your flowers by getting in between them to save you moves. Once the flowers are open, get the fireflies lit, but try and start with the bottom ones if you can, or the top ones end up being accidentally turned off by falling crops. Make rows from highest points crops, cascading is really helpful here, saves moves and adds extra points.

Level 620 **Rancid**

**Rancid level** To gather 240 points to beat rancid, in 15 moves, we need Onions, Carrots and Suns to throw at him and wipe his smirk off his face. This is another one of Rancid's easier levels, which is a relief after some of them. Make grass using the grass seed, but if you are lucky and get enough crops falling you may not need it. The key to this level, is despite the grumpy crops (which is one advantage of the grass) you can get many falling crops which will bump your points up. You will get grumpies that spoil carefully planned moves, but on the whole, you should be able to get a decent score here. Combinations and +5 as always, help.

Level 619

22 Moves Requirements: 4 Flowers 4 Sheep 50 Suns This is another patience level. All seeds here, but you don't have to make grass. In our opinion, it just wastes a move and cancels out any positive benefit of it. You do need to make hay and the flowers though.  Hay will likely be made more or less where it starts, so try and line crops up so you can move sheep easily.  Flowers, just make as soon as you get water drops near them, and try to make rows so that they touch more than one to save moves. As you do this, hopefully you will get suns dropping and then they will be getting added points on which of course you will need to collect first. Using combinations also adds points.

Level 618

16 Moves Requirements: 9 Carrots 60 Onions 60 Strawberries 13 Flowers Open the flowers straight away, making rows against as many as possible. Until the flowers are out of the way, the carrots won't fall.  You need to open as many as you can though each time or you will run out of moves.  Make rows out of required crops with extra points on,  where you can while doing this. Once the flowers are gone, the carrots will fall and you can gather them too.

Level 617

23 Moves Requirements: 1 Spider 2 Flowers 86 Apples 4 Fireflies The spider has 2 empty nests to hop into, we need to remove these before we can get to the fireflies. So to start with, move the spider by breaking the webs and opening the flowers at the same time. If it helps, use a shovel, but we find its handy to save shovels on these levels, in case you  need to light a firefly with no spare moves. That way you can use shovels then. Anyway, break webs, open flowers, then break more webs as you move the spiders, until you have a clear space to start lighting up the flies.  Light them up and send them on your way, and you will hopefully find that by making clever matches while doing all the rest, you will have gathered all your apples.    

Level 616

9 Moves Requirements: 66 Apples 60 Strawberries 2 Spiders 60 Water drops Use very careful planning on this one as we don't have many moves so none to spare. Match +5 rows of crops, to take away all the type crops including the same colour bombs, but make combinations, and use shovels if you need to.  Break the ice and the webs quickly, then you can free the spiders and match up with the bombs.  More points from combinations and falling crops will mean you will pass this level. Making rows on grass will give you extra points too. The sooner you colect your requirements, the sooner the bombs will be turned off.    

Level 615

15 Moves Requirements: 2 Spiders 35 Strawberries 35 Water drops 60 Suns The easiest way to complete this level is by making lots of strawberries and Water drops rows before you unleash the spiders. The reality of the level is, its unlikely you will be able to do that. So you need to build up value on all needed crops, then gather the highest points ones first. Suns can wait mostly until after the others, or at least not such a high priority, even though you need more. As soon as you can, break the webs and free the spiders. Even if you sacrifice a move as they are not so easy to get. Remember you can use shovels to break webs too.

Level 1015

25 Moves (revised) Requirements: 4 Poppies 150 Onions 150 Strawberries 2 Spiders It can be a tricky level, but only because of the sheep. They can get you stuck if you aren't careful. Try moving the bulls up, bumping into the poppies, then continue to take them up. Don't worry about the spiders just yet as you can get them later, and chances are that falling crops will actually collect them for you.  The idea is to NOT get the bulls stuck on the bottom, and if you remove the iced crops too soon, then take a bull, or both, left or right, without the iced crops to stop them you can only go up, and then you're stuck right under a ledge. So as you have your bulls now at the top, move them either left or right, then make a match to bring them back down on the two poppies remaining there. After you have your poppies, you can start working on the iced crops, and once they're melted, crops will continue to fall as you match. Matches of +5 are surprisingly easy enough to get,

Level 1014

19 Moves (revised) Requirements: 10 Flowers 135 Apples 4 Black Sheep 135 Carrots Another challenging level, but with a little patience and studying of the board, you'll find it's not as hard as it first looks. The logs keep moving, but it gives you more options to make matches too. Work on opening the flowers first of all, once you get an opening in them, you can then start to bring the sheep out, and if you don't at first find a spot of hay for them to get to, just match crops that you need and let the logs move a cycle. Soon more crops will fall and you'll get the sheep to the hay. Do the same for the other remaining flowers and sheep, collecting your crops as you go. Keep an eye out for those combinations, use a shovel if need be to help open a flower or set up a good match. But remember that unlike the white sheep, once a black sheep munches on a square of hay, it's gone for good.