Level 999

17 Moves (revised and made harder boooo )
4 Black sheep
2 Spiders
100 Strawberries
100 Onions

Well it looks a fine web we've gotten into on this level! All I can say is ewww!!
Both spiders and all four sheep are surrounded by webs. The spiders are both traveling around on moving logs, and every time you make a successful match to move one to another web, the logs move and he throws his webs out all over again. But just keep on making matches next to them, use of your shovels are very handy here to take out a sticky mass.
Once you get both spiders out of the way, start working on the black sheep, you need to get them over the logs to a patch of hay, but if you have a potential match set up for one of them, but need a crop to come around on the log, make matches on the upper part of the board, collecting crops as you go. Then when your needed crop is in position, make the match to bring home the sheep.
Watch for any combinations, and make them when you can to increase the value on your strawberries and onions.
This is one of those levels that may take you several tries, but with patience and determination, you'll find your way through.


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