Thursday, 16 July 2015

Level 998

22 Moves
70 Apples
70 Onions
70 Strawberries
3 Fireflies

The board layout is all topsy turvy, with grumpies at the top, and happy ones at the bottom.
A good thing is that the entire bottom is covered in nice grass patches. There are three fireflies dividing the two sections, and we need to make them light up and fly away before any crops can fall to the bottom area.
Make matches against the fireflies first of all, and remember that even though grumpies don't count towards our crop requirement, they do work on making the fireflies light up.
Once you gather those fireflies, the grumpies will fall down onto the grass and become happy again.
Concentrate on the bottom section. Combinations are very important here, to increase the value on the crops. Use shovels where needed to set up a good match, or pick off a crop with a nice high value.

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