Level 997

24 Moves (revised)
1 Spider
85 Apples
85 Strawberries
85 Water drops

One little spider, but three extra webs for him to hide in. And of those, one of them is on a moving log. Make your matches next to the spider, breaking his web and shooing him out to another.
When he comes to sit on the last web, the one on the log, you'll have to get him while he is at the very top, or bottom. You can collect your needed crops while you wait for him to ride the river on his log and become open to potential matches.
Once all your webs are gone and you've gotten the spider it opens the board for combinations, and increased value on your crops. And as we all know, a large open space allows for many crops. Try working from the bottom to get the cascade effect.


  1. I've completed the level twice but after the last move it goes blank and it doesn't exit after taking the last move!! Why is this? Can anyone tell if it's happen to them?

  2. Hi Mari, what device are you playing on? I will get you some troubleshooting steps and also I will look at this to see if it does it to me. That's not good :(


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