Level 996 **Rancid**

20 Moves
It's a Rancid level

To defeat the jumping critter, we have to throw strawberries, carrots, apples and suns at him.
There is a large U shaped area of slimed crops on the board. Unfortunately there's no way to change these, other than the middle, bottom one. Worrying with the sides yields you no help, so leave these and just work on the center of the board.
Work on getting water drops and seeds together, and then swap them to make grass patches, these will increase the value of your crops, and also turn the middle slimed area into nice grassy plots, making any grumpy turn happy again.
Watch for combinations, and plan your moves ahead, shovels are great for setting up a good match.
Be careful though that you don't spend so much time working with the seeds, that you lose sight of the number of your remaining moves.
You can get your required crops in the middle of the board, without trying to turn the entire layout into grass patches.

You have 3 more moves than in my video, but otherwise its the same, so I am leaving it.


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