Level 995

22 Moves (revised)
30 Firecrackers
150 Water drops
150 Carrots
150 Apples

On the right side of the board, there is a whole slew of firecrackers which we need, but cannot match to just yet. So start by making matches on the left side of the board against the crops and firecrackers there. Soon, the sizzlers will start jumping over to the ones on the right, lighting the fuses there on impact.
Once you get all those going, you'll be helped by them flying willy nilly in all directions.
This will start collecting some of your needed crops, (and as you can see, there are many!)
There are no new firecrackers that fall, replacing those on the right side, but they will on the left.
Keep making matches next to those, and hopefully it will start a chain reaction on the right.
As you whittle away at the firecrackers, much needed crops will fall into place there, aiding in setting off what is left of those firecrackers, and also crops across the board.
Watch for your combinations to increase value on crops.
Shovels can be used as usual by picking off a nice valued cropsie, or by hurrying the firecrackers along.... This Level should be named "Firecracker Alley" :)


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