Level 993

20 Moves
15 Flowers
14 Oysters
140 Carrots
140 Apples

We need lots of flowers, and oysters too, but the oysters are all in our way.
This is where the firecrackers come in handy, although they aren't a requirement.
Make matches next to the oysters and firecrackers, the latter of which, once set off will fly in all directions, helping us out.
The flowers are all on the moving logs, and once we start collecting the oysters, we'll be able to start opening the flowers.
Moving your way down the middle seems to be the best course of action, as it opens the board for more crops to fall. And an open board allows for more combination possibilities.
You can rely on the firecrackers for help, and they will, but the only ones you get are the ones you see at the start of the level. No new ones will fall.
Always be on the lookout for crops with a high value, shovels are handy for picking these up, setting up a good match, or hurrying along the oysters or flowers.


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