Level 991

18 Moves
4 Poppies
75 Onions
75 Carrots
75 Apples

It's a little bit of a tricky one for sure!!
The bulls are sitting on the logs, and the best way to get them to the poppies is to first make matches, above them on the board, leaving the bulls where they are until the logs move and you can get one to line up in a straight line to a poppy. Then make a match to get him to move off the log straight into the poppy.
Then try moving moving him back down onto a log, as this will take him back around to the start of the river over on the left side, and then do the same there.
Your shovels will come in very handy for these moves. Plan ahead, look the board over closely, so that when a bull is lined up to a poppy, you can have a match ready and waiting.
We do have a good amount of moves on this level, so the logs can make a few rounds to get all the poppies you need.
Once your poppies are collected, you can concentrate on your crop requirement.


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