Level 990 **Farm Club**

20 Moves (revised)
45 Water drops
75 Suns
75 Carrots
45 Mushrooms

Plenty of water barrels here, and they, along with the mushrooms seem to be the key to beating this level. The barrels travel along the river,, so make as many matches next to them as possible when able. And at the same time you need to match next to the mushrooms to make baby ones,
and when making any match on the the board, those babies turn into adults, hopefully next to the barrels. I found the stars and carrots easy enough to collect, it's the water and mushrooms that need the most concentration.
Combinations are needed to increase value on the crops so watch closely for those.
Use shovels where needed to create good matches.
It may take several tries to get the hang of this level, but don't get discouraged. You'll best it in no time :)


  1. what I find the suns and carrots the hardest not enough and then the mushrooms which I hate eat them, very few suns and carrots mainly apples, really you must be kidding.

  2. must have had so many bad boards, finally done!


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