Level 988

22 Moves
4 Sheep
90 Carrots
90 Suns
14 Flowers

Our sheep are calling to us from the bottom of the board, and they're all solidly blocked in, so we'll have to awaken the firecrackers, and unfurl those flowers!
Make matches next to both to work your way down, picking up your crop matches as you go.
Your firecrackers will help by going off in all different directions, collecting crops and giving you a hand with the flowers.
The sooner you make your way down the middle the better, as you have all four sheep to get to the hay. Remember that the more you open up the board, the more area you have for needed crops.
Combinations of more than just three in a row help to add value to the crops, so use a shovel if it helps for a good match. The only firecrackers you have, are the ones you see on the board, as no new ones will fall.
A small tip I found that was very useful: if you can make a match of four in a row just so, on the bottom, directly above the two sheep, they'll both land happily on the hay together.


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