Level 986

26 Moves
95 Onions
35 Water drops
25 Firecrackers
3 Flowers

Water barrels down the left, and up on the right. But there's no way to match next to all but one.
This is where the firecrackers come in. Match next to as many of them as you can, so you can set them off flying to the barrels to make the water for you.
It isn't so easy to do, but once you get the barrels to start filling up, you can always opt to use a shovel to tap it, hopefully getting a drop or two to land near the bottom. This is where the seeds are, and we need to swap a seed and a water drop to start making the flowers.
Once you get your flowers started, match next to them to collect them.
You'll find that the onions are easy enough to get, but the water drops are a bit tougher, but you can build up their value by making combination matches, and if you see a drop with an increased value, use a shovel to pick it up.
Patience as usual is the key, that and planning your moves ahead.


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