Level 985

17 Moves (changed)
3 Dragons
25 Carrots
25 Apples
35 Mushrooms

A nice fun level, although at the beginning it looks a bit intimidating!
Try making matches next to the mushrooms as much as you can, to make baby ones pop up all over the board.
Then, when you make a match of any kind, it turns all those babies into adult mushrooms, collecting them when they match at least 3 or more, and letting our much needed crops cascade down.
There are a lot of water drops on the board, which unfortunately we don't need, but making combination matches of +4, L and T types helps to increase the value of our needed carrots and apples. Remember too that a match of +5 clears the board of all that type of crop, clearing the way nicely.
There shouldn't be much trouble collecting the three dragons, but a shovel can come in very handy to crack open an egg, or clear an unwanted crop, to make room for a successful match.

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