Level 984

18 Moves (changed)
4 Flowers
80 Suns
80 Apples
80 Water drops
The best way to approach this level is to make as many rows of crops as you can around the water buckets, so that they throw water onto the flower rows. 
The hardest row is the row at the top because as you make rows underneath on the grass, whichever crop you have on the end of the row, even if you get water leap onto it there, if rows are made underneath, any crop on that square will fall. So when trying to get water on that row, the best bucket to make rows against is the one on the right side of the grassed area. That column will move but not affect that top row of crops.
Make all your crop matches on the grass because you will get extra points. The water will be pretty easy to get, the others not so much. Watch carefully for combinations to earn extra points.
Save shovels until the end so you can open flowers if you need to.

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