Level 983

26 Moves
4 Sheep
125 Suns
125 Carrots
125 Apples
Despite the fact that we have strawberries, we can still make rows with extra points on as you will get enough crops falling to make some combinations.
You have three choices with moving your sheep.  You can either take them straight up from the left corner, from the top right corner, or just break the ice and move it straight onto the hay.
Make as many combinations as you can, either rows of 5 crops, or T or L combinations. Break your ice using as many of these as you can and try to break it quickly so you can lead your sheep home.
If you can get crops between the sheep as they are sailing past on their logs, you can sometimes move them onto the hay in one move.  
Personally I found the flying squirrel companion was helpful this time but it can be done without.

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