Level 982

20 Moves (increased)
10 Oysters
75 Onions
1 Dragon
75 Water drops
On this level you need to combine opening oysters with opening the eggs as well to save moves. The oysters are not so bad though as long as you keep making the rows next to them to remove them otherwise they will close again.
We only need one dragon this time, but we need the eggs to go through all the stages before we can match them up and make it. So combinations, where you make rows of crops and eggs are essential.
Luckily the only other crop we get are the strawberries that we don't need, so we should get extra points on each crop. Look for combinations though such as T and L shapes for added points.
The water throwing companion helps here :)

Our video uses less moves because King changed the level, but you have extra moves and otherwise its still the same.

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