Level 1013

**if you level looks different to this its because it was too hard- King changed it then changed it back for reasons unknown to them. If you are stuck on it, please email them and tell them! The more that do the more likely they will change it. As bloggers we have no control over it and have been replaying this for months to try to pass without boosters!


20 Moves (revised)
4 Sheep
50 Apples                        or 110 of each crop
50 Strawberries
50 Suns

There are four sheep in the corners on moving logs, they're easy enough to get........
And that's where the easy part stops and the hard part begins.
We all know by now that working down the center is the only way to go, as making matches down the sides in the slime is pointless. If you have the Pink Salmon companion use that, if not then either of the other producers will have to do.
Make matches the best way you can, look around, study the board, and find the match that will benefit the most. Keep working from the (clean) bottom area, letting the crops fall from the top, some will turn grumpy from the slime, but as they fall farther down they'll turn happy again.
Find combinations, and use all your shovels.
This seems to be one of the most challenging levels King have given us, and hopefully they'll change it to make it easier (Nope they just switched it to a different number and labelled it hard!). But for now, keep trying and good luck!!

**Edit** King have changed this level again and finally removed many crops. Its still hard, but possible now :) Video isn't the best score out there but uses no companions and only shovels.


  1. Nope. I need 110 of this crap

    1. We know. We think someone messed up as there were several changed levels changed back. Email them please and give them your opinion. Email link is in the guide ;)


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