Level 1012

12 Moves (lost one boohoo)
200 Apples
16 Sheep
200 Strawberries
2 Chicks

WOW.. That's a lot of Sheep!! And a very tricky level as well.
But you'll notice too, that there are a lot of hay patches on the board, so almost any match will bring a sheep home. But the idea is to make matches that touch as many sheep as you can in a single move, to get multiple ones collected.

The lower sheep seem to be the hardest as well, so you may want to get them out of the way first.
Try getting the bulk of the herd to the hay before the chickens get involved.
A special note here: I played the level for what seemed like forever, before I realized that the Hitter companion was more of a hindrance than help. Only after I stopped using it did I finally beat the level, because with the hitter companion, it sets the chickens to laying eggs and I do mean in a BIG way! we only need 2 of the chicks, so it's easy enough to get them. What we need the most is lots of strawberries and apples, and it can be hard to get a +5 match, which is what is really needed, but hard to get with all those eggs in the way.

Use shovels to your advantage by trying to line up a good combination, especially the +5, removing all the crops of the same type as it greatly increases your chances of beating this level.


  1. Thanks for the tip. Got it on first try after stopping the hitter.


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