Level 1011 **Rancid**

19 Moves
200 Carrots, Onions, Suns and Water drops
It's a Rancid Level
It's isn't too terrible bad, for a Rancid roundup...
We have the slime line at the top, which means that a lot of the crops that fall are going to be grumpies. Then there are 2 rows of logs on the river, the top one isn't much trouble, but the next one down has 5 flowers that need to be opened before you can get any crops to fall below.
Working in the middle over the flowers seems to be the best route, and also, the flowers aren't a requirement just a roadblock to get through.
Make matches to open the flowers, remember that even grumpy matches will work on them, and then let the crops start falling through.
Then it's just a matter of working on the grassy area below, that's where you'll get the most of your points on crops. Any grumpy that falls on the grass becomes happy again too.. Shovels are handy and combinations are dandy, as any match of +4 or +5, and the L or T pattern increases the value on your crops.

**Note, our video has 2 less moves but is otherwise the same so it didn't need changing :)


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