Level 1010

25 Moves (revised)
4 Sheep
50 Stars
50 Water drops

6 Flowers

**Note, our video uses less moves, but otherwise its the same so it won't be changed unless they make it harder** 

You'll have no choice but to start making matches on the bottom of this board, right below the flowers. Try getting the most out of your matches by touching as many of the flowers as you can to save on moves. The sheep are confined to the top and the only way to move them down is to open the flowers. As a few of those flowers are grown and gathered, crops will start to trickle down through them, sometimes matching on their own as they fall, giving you a helping hand.
As soon as you can get to the sheep, start working them down towards the hay, because at this point you'll be starting to get low on your remaining moves.
Shovels can help you greatly for setting up matches for your sheep, so try to keep one or two towards the end.


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