Level 1009

20 Moves
4 Black sheep
4 White sheep
60 Onions
60 Strawberries

We've had several very trying levels, so at first glance this one looks to be the same. But really it isn't.... One thing to remember: the white sheep, when landed on the hay, doesn't eat it, but the Black sheep do. So if you have a match that takes both a white one and a black one to the hay, the white one will go first, leaving the black one to follow and gobble up the hay as soon as he lands.
There are several patches of the munchies in the layout of this board, so it isn't too much trouble getting all your sheep home.
There are also 5 area's of moving logs, and by studying where the crops will move to, can help you determine where a potential match may come up next.
Once the sheep are collected, it's only a matter of getting your remaining crops.
I found it quite a fun level for a change :)


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