Level 1008

20 Moves (revised)
50 Mushrooms
2 Poppies
120 strawberries
120 Carrots

You'll need to start by making matches right above the fireflies to light them up and make them fly away. Only when they're gone can you work to get the bull to the poppies.
It doesn't seem too hard to collect your poppies, as you can manouver the bull back and forth.
The real challenge is getting all the mushrooms in the amount of moves remaining to you. Keep making as many matches as you can next to them, prompting baby ones to pop up, you'll also be gathering your strawberries and carrots along the way.
Each match you make is important, so try touching as many adult mushrooms as you're able to within that match, otherwise you'll not end up with enough babies to turn into adults.
A very demanding and challenging Level..
The more patience you have, the more hair you'll have left on your head!!


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