Level 1007

15 Moves
20 Firecrackers
65 Carrots
65 Strawberries
30 Mushrooms

The ice and firecrackers aren't so bad, but the dreaded frog just sits there waiting to slurp up all the strawberries he can get a hold of.
Match next to the firecrackers to get their fuses going, of course this will make sparks fly, hitting the frog and setting him free. But you also need the firecrackers to break open the mushrooms stuck in the ice. It's a small board to get so much done, especially your strawberries, they seem too few and that frog sure doesn't help at all.
You can build up the value on the crops you do have by making combinations of any kind, and a shovel saved till the end helps to grab a crop with high points sitting on it. Remember to match near the mushrooms to make baby ones, then when a match of any kind is made, those babies grow into adults and you can match 3 or more in a row, or pick a couple off with shovels.


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