Level 1006

20 Moves (revised)
6 Oysters
6 Flowers
90 Apples
90 Suns

Break open the iced crops as soon as you can. They stand in the way of making much needed matches.
Work on getting your matches against the flowers and the oysters, whichever one is available at the moment, trying to touch as many of each as you can with the crops to save on moves.
Once you've collected you requirements, work from the bottom to create the cascade effect. 
Combinations come in handy to increase the value on your apples and suns, so look out for those.
It's really a shame that carrots and onions aren't needed here, because there seems to be much more of these than any other crop, but use this to your advantage if you can, especially if you can get a +5 move that will remove these unwanted crops and replace them with the ones that we do need.


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