Level 1005 **Farm Club**

20 Moves
80 Strawberries
80 Suns
150 Water drops

**Note, our video uses less moves and a few less crops, but otherwise its the same so it won't be changed unless they make it harder** 

An Ice encased level, and one of the more trickier farm club levels too.
Making water from the barrels is a must as we need so very many of the drops, and also to flood the board as many times as possible. I found that getting a running start was easier by using a couple of shovels to break two of the iced water drops. Notice the large T pattern of iced water, break the top two middle ones there., and then swap the bottom one down to make a combination and break all the iced water drops. It then can start a chain reaction that is very helpful.
But still, you need to also make matches as much as you can next to the water barrels to keep the water jumping.
Watch for matches of high value on the grassy areas, and take advantage of any type of combination to increase the value of your crops. Especially those of +5


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