Level 1004

19 Moves
12 Flowers
65 Water drops
100 Apples
100 Carrots

Such a strange looking board... You can't do anything on the bottom left, until you start making matches up on the top right. So set off those firecrackers by matching next to them, and hopefully they'll spark in all directions (preferably below) and light the fuses on the firecrackers there.
There's a line of flowers that has to be opened, and once they're collected and the firecrackers are dwindling down, more crops will fall and you can begin to match those.
But don't forget that you need those water drops too, so make matches up against the barrels, using a shovel to help out if need be.
When the crops land on the grass, you'll get added value there.
It's a demanding level, so patience is the key. There may be a lot of reshuffling, and don't get discouraged if it takes more than a few tries to pass.


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