Level 1002

22 Moves (revised)
110 Strawberries
110 Water drops
110 Carrots
110 Apples
Firecracker and Parachutes, Frogs and Super Fruits, Oh My!!
The firecrackers are not a requirement on this level, but they are instrumental to beating it. We need them to help collect our crops for us, thus letting new crops fall. So make matches down over top of them to get their fuses going, once they start and more matches are made next to them, they'll send sparks over the board and hopefully hitting the other firecrackers as well.
The parachutes, when swapped with any type of crop, drops 6 more of the kind onto the board, very helpful if by chance it creates a +5 match.
The super fruits, when swapped with a crop, takes out any crop directly touching it on all sides.
The frogs... what can I say, as we already know, can be very annoying at times. They slurp up our crops. Remember that a blue frog eats water drops, a red one eats strawberries etc..
Once most of the firecrackers are gone from the board, it opens up the bottom grassy area there, where we can then make matches and get a higher value on them. Again, remember that the firecrackers aren't a requirement, so don't waste moves on them if you don't have to.
As always, look for combinations to increase value, especially those of 5 in a row.


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